Schuette silent on Trump marijuana crackdown

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The group's president, Kevin Sabet, said on a conference call with reporters that federal authorities have never focused enforcement on low-level users, and that the new Justice Department guidance will prompt USA attorneys to go after the big players in the industry.

Herdman was responding to questions about Attorney General Jeff Sessions' decision on Thursday to rescind the Cole memo and several other policies enacted during President Barack Obama's administration that together allowed regulated marijuana industries and state regulators to operate under state law.

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, said Sessions should focus his energies elsewhere.

Herdman, appointed by President Donald Trump and sworn into office in August, noted that his office does not take every case involving heroin or cocaine.

There is indeed a disconnect between the federal ban on marijuana and the laws in states that allow its sale and use - whether for recreational or medical purposes. Former Western District U-S Attorney Sandy Coats in Oklahoma believes the focus is on RECREATIONAL marijuana, not necessarily medicinal. That amendment remains in place at least until January 19, when a stopgap budget resolution is set to expire. But he added that the Obama-era memo and Sessions' guidance rescinding it both acknowledge that federal prosecutors have to prioritize how to use their limited resources. Herdman's statements appeared to be under the belief that the rider would continue for the foreseeable future.

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According to the Cannifornian, a puzzling game of judicial musical chairs is unfolding on the heel of Session's announcement throughout the state where "confusion over the fate of recreational cannabis is the new status quo". Herdman would not speculate on how his office would handle marijuana cases should it become fully legal in OH, or whether legalization has any benefits or drawbacks.

The Ohio Department of Commerce, which is responsible for overseeing most of the process, is following state law in moving to offer medical marijuana, spokeswoman Stephanie Gostomski said Thursday.

"I think the legislature is going speak up loudly", she said. "It is what it is in OH". Democrat Michigan AG candidate Dana Nessel called Sessions' move "a gross display of federal overreach for Sessions to subvert states' rights and return to failed policies that harm families, fill prisons with non-violent people, cost states billions of dollars they don't have to spare, and do nothing to combat the real drug epidemic facing this nation".

Frank said the national priorities for the Department of Justice include the rule of law, national security and terrorism, immigration, violent crime and global gangs such as MS-13, the opiate crisis, supporting law enforcement and promoting public confidence. A small section of the federal budget, known as the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment, prohibits the Justice Department from spending money to enforce federal law against medical marijuana in states where it's legal.

"I am more concerned about local policy and making sure Sacramento gets it right", he said.

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