Siddaramaiah hits back at Yogi Adityanath over beef comment

Siddaramaiah hits back at Yogi Adityanath over beef comment

"Like Rahul Gandhi, he is now realising he is a Hindu", he said.

Earlier, continuing the tirade against Adityanath, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah questioned the former's right to criticise the people's food habits.

A day after Mr Adityanath mocked Mr Siddaramaiah's assertion about his Hindu credentials, the Karnataka chief minister said that the Hindutva that he follows is the legacy of Swami Vivekananda and not Nathuram Godse, assassin of Mahatma Gandhi.

Yeddyurappa also said that the delay in implementation of the Upper Bhadra Project is directly attributed to the insensitive administration of Siddaramaiah, who has not provided funds for the speedy completion of the project and said that the water will flow after BJP comes to power.

On Sunday, Yogi, while attending the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) Nava Karnataka Nirmana Parivartana rally in Bengaluru, stated that Siddaramaiah should not promote beef-eating if he claims himself to be a Hindu.

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On December 20, 2017, the state government had written to Gorakhpur District Magistrate Rajeev Rautela, asking him to withdraw the case filed against Adityanath and 12 others at Gorakhpur's Pipiganj Police Station on May 27, 1995. When you are here please visit a Indira Canteen & a ration shop. "As UP CM I am working to undo the misery and lawlessness unleashed by your allies". I heard a number of farmers committing suicide in Karnataka were highest in your regime, not to mention the numerous deaths and transfer of honest officers.

During his promotional rally in Bengaluru, Yogi Adityantah fired cannons at the Karnataka ruling Congress government. "It will help you address the starvation deaths sometimes reported from your state", Siddaramaiah tweeted on Sunday. He wrote, "I welcome UP CM Shri @myogiadityanath to our state". Our Constitution and our laws allow people to eat food of their choice. Many among Hindus consume beef.

"If you are a Hindu, why are you allowing beef in the state?" I don't eat beef only because I don't like to.

Mr Adityanath also attacked Mr Siddaramaiah personally for endorsing beef eating.

He also said he had reared cows and asked whether Adityanath who lectures about cow protection had done the same.