Hina Khan speaks bad about Shilpa Shinde and disappoints yet again

Bigg Boss 11 finalist Hina Khan and her insane love for nightsuits is a testimomy to the mantra, Life is Better in Pyjamas!

His eviction didn't come as a surprise, his insane antics to be blamed. She feels that is why her fans have supported her survival in the show so far. Salman Khan was also visibly unhappy as he felt Akash did not deserve to be among top five contestants. Akash says that Shilpa is 40 and he is 24. Shilpa tried her best to make his stay in the house hard so much so that he tried to escape the house. I am sorry India, all of this was for the show. "Shilpa and Vikas" real life grudges became public on national television on day one of their stay in Bigg Boss house itself. All I know is that she fit the role perfectly. Also, I wanted to make sure that I could give content to Bigg Boss. I have given my 100% to the show.

Why Do Contestants Call Akash, Mad!

Unlike all the other contestants, Akash is all praise about the finalists in the show. "And that might be the reason behind it (calling me mad)". If they loved me on 'Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai!' they loved me for the character. "Being an emotional guy, I did not want to hurt anyone and enjoyed being with everyone". Akash tells her to sort differences between him and Shilpa. I went to jail seven times. "But, somewhere down the line, she became uncomfortable, however, things are fine now". None of the housemates pressed the buzzer so Vikas asked Hina to clean his bed and arrange his clothes while Puneesh Sharma was asked to shave off his head by dictator Vikas, who waxed Puneesh's chest in the last task. Shilpa Shinde was asked to prepare "rabdi' for Vikas". Shilpa says she will destroy his red shoes. He referred to them as the dynamic duo in Bigg Boss house! As long as they are obeying and not quitting the task, Vikas will not be able to win the money.

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Surprisingly, Akash didn't take Shilpa's name as victor! The top three favourites that most viewers have their bets on are Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta.

Akash Wants To Concentrate On His Single!

Manish Goel: I wish good luck to Shilpa Shinde. "Hopefully, we will release it soon". This was after Akash Dadlani was voted out on Wednesday night in a midweek elimination.