LG WK9 Google Assistant touch screen speaker makes mysterious CES 2018 debut

LG WK9 Google Assistant touch screen speaker makes mysterious CES 2018 debut

The plan is said to starting selling more of their own products and those from Nest, and putting Google Assistant at the center of it all. The ThinQ View has stereo speakers, like the JBL model above, and all the features that come with Google Assistant. This would be a direct challenge to Amazon. However, when it comes to the company's refrigeration units will use Alexa.

The goal is for people to have conversations with Amazon Echo smart speakers and other devices like they're on "Star Trek", chatting with the computer, Isbitski said.

The next step for voice-activated personal assistants like Alexa is for the technology to become more infused with artificial intelligence and to understand context and remember previous conversations and interactions, he said. Not just at CES 2018 - where it installed a massive tent - but also on billboards throughout the city and even on the side of the Las Vegas monorail. Similarly, Google Home has its own catalog of third-party software. ADR (NYSE:TM) will start offering Alexa in its cars. In the home speaker segment also, Alexa-based devices sell around 70% in the USA market, leaving the rest to be divided among the other players.

Exact release dates for any of this have yet to be announced, but once they are, we'll be sure to let you know.

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At CES 2018, Google promised a lot of new Assistant-powered speakers are coming, including touch screen speakers like Amazon's controversial Echo Show. Instead, the emphasis is on the Assistant itself. So to browse and find services that worked with your Google Home speaker, you simply had to scroll through a rapidly growing list of random add-ons. The program pays developers of the most popular Alexa skills for their time, albeit amid complaints that Amazon's method of reward level determination isn't clear.

Amazon is at least financially encouraging the development community to put out its own Alexa-based products, via the Developer Rewards program announced in the first half of previous year.

Amazon's presence was decidedly less intense, but the company did a solid job keeping up in terms of partner announcements.

According to PCMag, the integrations will work a little differently, depending on whether you're using Alexa or Assistant. Credit: Tom's GuideAnother sign that Google is gaining momentum is that devices that had previously been Alexa-only, such as the Sonos One smart speakers, are now incorporating Google Assistant, too.