NEET 2018: Know 5 Reasons That Can Get You Debarred


NEET 2018 has been the center of controversy for the past few months. With only 2 months left from the examination, further changes introduced in its eligibility criteria has added fuel to this fire.

CBSE recently released an information bulletin along with the application forms for the exam. The bulletin houses several changes in the eligibility criteria, scope and medium of National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test. These changes have dejected many aspirants from their rights to sit for the exam. Candidates who wish to appear for the exam this year must go through the eligibility criteria carefully.

Some of the grounds on which CBSE has debarred students from appearing for NEET 2018 are given below. Make sure you don’t fall under the category before you apply for the exam.

 Candidates without Aadhar Card:

Aspirants who do not have an Aadhar Card or its enrolment ID have been announced ineligible to apply online for the NEET 2018. Candidates must provide their Aadhar number in the application form to be able to complete the registration process.

For NRI candidates, passport number is to be filled in the place of Aadhar number. Candidates who do not have Aadhar card must get it made. In case the Aadhar card is not ready till the last date of submitting application forms, candidates can provide with their enrolment ID as well. 

PCB regular for two years

Aspirants must have studied PCB regular for two years in order to be eligible for the examination. Students who have taken a break for one year or less between their grade 11 and grade 12 will not be allowed to apply for the exam irrespective of their preparation according to NEET syllabus.

While students can cover NEET syllabus using what they have studied at school, the duration spent in completing their class 11 and 12 plays an important role in being eligible for the exam. This again lead to a lot of controversy as people argued that students often leave their studies in between due to emergency/ medical reasons and other personal issues. Debarring them on this basis, will be unjust and unfair. 

Upper age limit of 25 Years

An upper age limit of 25 years for General category candidates and 30 years for reserved category candidates have been introduced in the eligibility criteria. The same has caused many students to protest against MCI. Recently, a batch of 10 NEET aspirants from different parts of India, above the age of 25, filed a petition against the upper age limit in the Supreme Court. However, the apex court refused to intervene in the matter and the petition had to be withdrawn. 

Number of attempts in NEET

Unlike earlier times, a limit has been introduced to the number of attempts for the examination. Candidates who have exceeded three attempts in NEET have also been debarred from taking NEET this year. If a candidates has already appeared for NEET twice before, he/she can only sit for the examination this year as this will be their third and last time to try their luck at NEET.

Such candidates will not be allowed to sit for the examination irrespective of their age. 

NIOS students

Apart from the number of attempts and age limit, MCI has announced yet another reason for the aspirants to be debarred from the exam. As per the new rules mentioned in the information bulletin, students who have completed their grade 12 studies from NIOS or any open school, will also be considered ineligible for the examination. Thousands of NIOS students have been declared ineligible for NEET.

This lead to widespread protests against the regulating body- MCI. The reason given by MCI for the same is the lack of practical learning for students studying through open schools. 

These 5 factors have made NEET 2018 a controversial subject and has shattered the dreams of many young minds. The examination is scheduled for May 5, 2018. Eligible aspirants can register themselves for the same on the official website on or before March 9, 2018.


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