Childcare worker jailed after drugging kids to 'go tanning'

Bend woman gets 21 years for drugging kids so she could go tanning, do CrossFit

These included 11 counts of first-degree criminal mistreatment and one count of third-degree assault.

A 32-year-old OR woman was recently sentenced to 21 years in prison for giving at least seven toddlers a sleep-inducing drug before running off to the gym and tanning salon.

Based on tips provided by a former boyfriend and a former roommate, Bend police watched Neatherlin last March leave the center twice while she was supposed to be watching seven children, according to The Oregonian.

After almost one dozen parents testified against her, a daycare owner who drugged numerous children on melatonin then left them alone to go for a tan or exercise was sentenced to more than 21 years in prison.

During the trial, the court reportedly heard multiple accounts of Neatherlin mistreating children in her care.

Records show that, under Neatherlin's care, at least seven toddlers were force-fed melatonin, a sleep-inducing drug, and left alone while the woman attended her CrossFit classes and went to the tanning salon. She had lied to parents that she was a registered nurse, despite not having such qualifications, reported Oregon Live.

"She repeatedly administered a sleeping agent to a room full of infants, toddlers and children and drove off in her vehicle to fulfill her narcissistic needs, one parent said. January has no respect for human life", one parent said. Some of her convictions came under the aliases January Livsey and January Brooks.

Neatherlin apologized to the families in court and asked them for forgiveness.

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When police arrived to arrest Neatherlin one of the children was covered in fresh vomit - and some of the children still had melatonin in their systems.

One of the parents of a child who went to her daycare center said her kid suffered brain injuries which were consistent with shaken baby syndrome.

"Everybody makes mistakes, but not everybody takes responsibility for those mistakes", Neatherlin said, according to the news station.

She referred to those hours as "nap time". With that said, I hope the court and the parents accept my apology.

Hord and other parents lobbied for the maximum allowable sentence - 35 years. "I made a very poor call, and it has forever changed my life and even ended it", Neatherlin said. She was told to drop her number to three or less children.

The kids were aged between six months and four years old.

She was investigated for a similar allegation in 2015 and officials found no evidence that she was caring for more than three children.