Donald Trump hints Australia could be exempt from steel, aluminium import tariffs

Gaming the debate

Speaking in the White House with a group of workers, Mr Trump confirmed the levy on steel imports and a 10% tariff on aluminium in response to an "assault on our country" from cheap overseas metal.

Thus, it would seem mathematically impossible that the tariff levels called for in the proclamations could achieve the protections of USA steel and aluminum that the Commerce report set out as goals.

After announcing the measures, which will exclude Canada and Mexico, President Trump stated that other countries with "security relationships" with the USA would be able to discuss "alternative ways" to address the tariffs; however, he gave no specifics.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said there was no case for the U.S. imposing tariffs on Australian steel. On average, Trump's communications directors have stayed in the job for fewer than 100 days, according to CNN - the shortest average for the role since it was created during the Nixon administration. That suggests the tariffs are linked to national security. And even as Trump approved the tariffs, 11 partners in the Asia-Pacific were in Santiago, Chile, to sign a multilateral trade deal embraced by president Barack Obama but rejected by Trump.

During a Cabinet meeting Thursday, Trump congratulated Florida on school safety legislation approved by state lawmakers, saying the state "passed a lot of very good legislation last night".

A day away from the president's expected official action, his spokeswoman did say Mexico, Canada or other countries may be spared under national security "carve-outs", a possible move that could soften the tariff blow.

Persuasive to like-minded Trump, perhaps, but not to many free-trade-loving Republicans. The PTC was in support of the California law that criminalized the sale of violent videogames to children that was found unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2011, ultimately leading to videogames attaining the status of protected speech.

The montage has attracted more than 22,000 dislikes and just 700 likes on YouTube, with one commenter asking: "If killing someone in a game makes me a murderer, does playing Dr. Mario make me a pharmacist?" Navarro later said he was not on Trump's shortlist. They noted that steel-consuming companies said tariffs imposed in 2002 by President George W. Bush ended up wiping out 200,000 U.S.jobs. Fox moderator Chris Wallace quoted sources that the tariff will raise the price of steel and aluminum used in auto manufacturing by $175 per vehicle.

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An on-the-spot decision with global ramifications, Trump's agreement to sit down with Kim came after a meeting with a South Korean delegation and took some of his top aides by surprise.

The EU has become increasingly exasperated with Trump's "America First" agenda, viewing it as a threat to the multilateral trade order that the USA played a leading role in building after World War II.

The European Union, the world's biggest trade bloc, chimed in.

The EU was clear on Friday that it views tariffs and defense as separate.

Trump wouldn't say exactly what was coming, but he stressed: "Hopefully, you will give me credit". "We can not possibly be a security threat to the United States so we are counting on being excluded".

The run-up to Thursday's announcement included intense debate within the White House, pitting hard-liners against free trade advocates such as outgoing economic adviser Gary Cohn.

"Once we see that reversed, demand will return, and we definitely will bring our people back and increase our utilization and our employment", he said.