Tomb Raider I, II & III Are Being Remastered For PC & VR

Action-packed The reboot charts the story of the fierce daughter of a missing adventurer who makes it her mission to find her father on the dangerous island

Best of all, they're free if you already own the originals.

Realtech VR, is working on remasters of the first three Tomb Raider games that will be playable on 1080p or Full HD resolution with 60 frames per second. Each will utilize a new 3D engine that allows for better lighting effects and shadowing.

While technically the Tomb Raider games they are updating are free, it requires the purchase of the original DOS version. There will also be proper graphics settings, like in an actual PC game. On PC they'll also have support for 360 and Xbox one game controllers in Windows 7 and Windows 10, and they're even adding in OpenVR support, so you can pop a fancy hat on.

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Realtech VR was founded in 2008 and has largely worked on games for iOS, although its website says that its team has experience in PC development. And because the old Tomb Raider games are often sold at a discount on Valve's platform for less than $2, players can get the remastered editions for quite cheap. Basically the remasters will use the original games' install packages, and that is why the remasters will only be available on Steam, too. You can have a look at the trailer of the remasters of the first two games below.

The video below is a preview of the "Tomb Raider 2 Classic Remaster" by Realtech VR, although the port maker has not yet confirmed a release date for all three remasters. There will be news in the upcoming months. As always, stay tuned for anything gaming-related!