WhatsApp changes its 'delete for everyone' feature

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NEW DELHI:Facebook-owned WhatsApp recently introduced the Delete for Everyone feature which enables users to delete the messages they sent by mistake.

The "delete for everyone" feature now reportedly allows users to delete messages an hour, eight minutes and 16 seconds after sending it.

Earlier, when a recipient received this particular message containing the revoke request, WhatsApp checked if the ID of the message was present in the database and if the original message was found, it directly deleted it without checking any other important information.

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WhatsApp doesn't have a secret conversations option like rivals where it creates a temporary conversation that isn't stored on sender or recipient devices.

However, The Verge reports that WhatsApp has allegedly changed its delete feature.

Now it has been noticed, in the latest WhatsApp for iOS update (2.18.31) that the measly seven minutes time for second thoughts has been extended significantly. Report states that WhatsApp has now improved its maths so it now finds a message in the database having the same ID as that of the evoke message request, it first goes through the data of the message saved in the database. When the user deletes a message for everyone, WhatsApp sends a new message to the recipient. But once, the set time has passed, there is no way to delete messages for everyone. It has also been pointed out that if someone replies to a message in a group, and the same is later deleted for everyone, the message continues to show on the group. Using this notification system, many users, thanks to modded and unauthorised WhatsApp for Android versions, were able to delete any message for everyone with messages dating back to 3 years. Now, it seems that the popular messaging app is planning of rolling out another feature "Block Revoke Request".