President Trump Invited By Governor Brown To Visit Central Valley

Prototype sections of a border wall between Mexico and the United States under construction in Tijuana Mexico

In the letter, Brown invited Trump to the Central Valley to tour a dozen bridges and viaducts being built for the nation's first and only high-speed rail line. President Donal Trump is heading to California on March 13, 2018, in his first visit to the state he loves to hate, since becoming president.

The project, however, provides a potential opportunity for cooperation between Democrat Brown and Republican Trump, who has publicly expressed his admiration for high-speed rail lines in other countries.

Gov. Jerry Brown is inviting President Donald Trump to come to California's Central Valley while he is in the state to view border wall prototypes this week. The federal Justice Department recently filed a lawsuit over sanctuary city legislation, and California has filed a suit at the federal government over plans to expedite construction of the border wall.

"In California we are focusing on bridges, not walls".

Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke with officials in Sacramento last week, frankly stating "California, we have a problem" after the mayor of Oakland warned illegal immigrants of impending ICE raids; resulting in almost 800 undocumented workers who evaded federal agents during the sweeps.

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"You have lamented that "we don't have one fast train" in our country", Brown wrote in a Monday letter to Trump.

Organizers say the rally shows that San Diegans are united against the "wasteful, harmful and irresponsible" plan to build the wall.

Trump heads to San Diego Tuesday to inspect prototypes for a wall on the Southern border.

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"In the call on February 20, (Peña Nieto) strongly reiterated what all Mexicans have always said: we will never pay, in any form, for a wall on theborder", Videgaray posted on Twitter.