Russian Federation test-launches hypersonic missile

Pentagon takes away the wind from Putin's sails Image from google images labeled for reuse

Vladimir Putin has claimed that he ordered a passenger jet to be shot down in 2014 amid reports that it had been hijacked and posed a threat to the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

He has unveiled a new array of next-generation arms earlier this month.

"The hypersonic missile confirmed its technical operational performance and timing data of the Kinzhal missile system", the ministry said in a statement Saturday. The officials said the test was a success and that the missile hit its intended target.

The video screen shows the Kinzhal air missile system as Russia's President Vladimir Putin (R back standing) delivers an annual address to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, at Moscow's Manezh Central Exhibition Hall on March 1.

Russian Federation claimed to have successfully test-launched a hypersonic missile, one of a range of nuclear-capable weapons announced by president Vladimir Putin earlier this month.

Kinzhal missile has made 250 flights in all weather conditions since the beginning of 2018, and all of them have ended with the accurate destruction of the target, Russia's Aerospace Force Commander-in-Chief Sergei Surovikin said. It is equipped with high-precision aeroballistic missiles supporting strikes at a range over 2,000 km without entering the enemy's air defense zone.

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The Russian military said it has conducted a successful test of a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile capable of sneaking through enemy defenses. The video appears to show a military jet carrying a missile.

The missile has been deployed in the Southern Military District since December 1.

Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White downplayed Putin's comments, saying the US military was capable of defending the country from any threats.

'I told them: Act according to the plan, ' he told reporter Andrey Kondrashov in an interview on the two-hour film available on Russian social media.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks regularly to Putin, travels to Russia to meet Putin about twice a year, and says he has developed a special relationship with the Russian president. The order was cancelled after it proved to be a false alarm, Putin said.

"They do not impact any need on our side for a change in our deterrent posture", Mattis said in comments during a March 9 flight to Oman that were released by the Defense Department on March 11. "It doesn't change anything other than how much money do they want to spend on something that does not change at all the strategic balance", he said.