Southwest flight from Phoenix diverts to Albuquerque due to smoke in cabin

The aircraft Southwest Flight 3562 made an emergency landing at the Albuquerque International Sunport

Southwest Airlines flight 3562, which took off from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport was forced to land at Albuquerque International Sunport after a flight crew noted an unusual smell in the cabin, according to a Southwest official.

The statement added there were 140 passengers onboard the plane when the incident occurred, all of whom were evacuated from the aircraft upon landing. Media reports described a smoke-filled cabin. Our People in Albuquerque worked to get Customers onboard another aircraft to continue their journey to Dallas.

Southwest Airlines said the diverted aircraft remains in Albuquerque while mechanics inspect the plane.

David Fleck told WFAA he first realized something was wrong when the plane started to descend just an hour into the flight.

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According to the Albuquerque Fire Department, two people were taken to nearby hospital. No word on the extent of their injuries. Also audible is someone ordering passengers away from the plane saying, "Put your phones down".

The flight crew announced there would be an emergency landing, urging passengers to "brace for impact" and keep their heads down. Then, flight attendants began telling everyone on-board they would be making an emergency landing and to keep their heads down.

Local news sources report that most passengers boarded another plane for the trip to Dallas that arrived at around 1 am.