Team17 to publish sci-fi platformer Planet Alpha

Planet Alpha Screenshot

What do you think of Planet Alpha?

Team 17 has announced Planet Alpha, the latest game under its steadily growing publishing umbrella. The game has a very striking art style and makes full use of the Unreal Engine to deliver what might be the best looking platformer ever created.

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Taking place on an unknown alien planet it's not only the exotic flora and fauna that impresses, but also the breathtaking volumetric fog, fire, and destruction effects. What will you discover? Is this world really as tranquil and serene as it first appears and what more will you discover? Lazar, who is the brains behind the project, started the game in his own time while working at IO on the most recent HITMAN series. He describes the game as "something special" and even though it took four years, they have put "everything [they] have into it". According to Lazar, Team17 "truly believes in Planet Alpha as much as we do".

Adrian Lazar comments positively to the partnership, which allows the team to finally bring the game to players all over the world. Developing the game for over 4 years has been a roller coaster, so when we looked for a publisher we were very selective. Bestwick's understanding of the game is nearly as passionate as Lazar's as she states that Planet Alpha has the kind of world that she certainly wanted to spend time in. It's coming out for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC some time in 2018.