YouTube is getting a dark theme for iOS and Android today

YouTube's mobile app finally gets a dark theme

The company added the feature to the desktop version of YouTube past year and has been met with much demand from consumers to implement the same feature in the mobile apps.

Dark mode has a few advantages. YouTube reportedly said Android users will be receiving the feature "soon" but did not specify an exact release date.

YouTube has announced today its iOS and Android apps are finally getting access to a "Dark Theme", which has been available on its desktop version of the site (but hard to find). "Dark theme", and letting you toggle it on right away. Once installed, users are able to select their profile header and navigate to a new page where they are given the option to pick either the default light theme or switch to the new dark theme.

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Dark themes on mobile have become more popular in recent times with services like Twitter, Reddit and Telegram embracing the dark theme.

The point of Dark Mode is to make videos easier to watch on YouTube by inverting the main colors, turning white to black and vice versa. YouTube says Dark theme was one of the "top requested features on mobile".

With the update, YouTube joins a growing list of apps that feature a dark mode.