California: Teacher's Gun Accidently Goes Off in Class Injuring Three Students

Alexander has been placed on administrative leave while an investigation has been launched

Alexander has been a reserve officer with the Sand City Police Department for 11 years.

Just as students are staging a walk out to protest gun violence, a high school teacher has injured three of his students by accidentally firing the (illegal) semiautomatic weapon he brought in to class to teach gun safety.

Alexander was placed on administrative leave from his teaching job and he was also placed on administrative leave at the Sand City Police Department.

Dennis Alexander accidentally fired a pistol while discussing public safety in a Seaside High School classroom, according to police. Alexander was not authorized by the district to have a gun on campus. Debris from the ceiling then fell.

The injury was not serious, although the student's parents took him to the hospital.

One 17-year-old boy suffered moderate injuries when fragments from the bullet ricocheted off the ceiling and lodged into his neck.

The incident comes amid a national debate on school safety and whether teachers should be armed on school campuses. The family filed a police report.

Alexander has taught the course in the past, but Pridgen said he did not know if the reserve officer had ever brought a loaded firearm to the school before, the Herald reported.

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"I have concerns about why he was displaying a loaded firearm in a classroom", Ferrante told KSBW separately.

"I think a lot of questions on parents' minds are, why a teacher would be pointing a loaded firearm at the ceiling in front of students", Diffenbaugh said.

Gonzales said Alexander apologized to the class for mistakenly firing his gun, however, none of the school authorities checked up on all the students post-incident to make sure they were not hurt.

Students who survived the shooting have become vocal advocates for gun control, demanding that lawmakers take action to keep their schools safe.

"Due to the nature of this personnel incident, we are unable to share any other details", the letter said.

It was not clear if the he was placed on a paid or unpaid leave. Really hope he can go back to teaching after this (even if this was a completely dumb move). His track record was described as "positive and professional" and he was also made the 2013 Reserve Office of the Year. He also serves as a Seaside City Council member and a Red Cross volunteer.

But some argue this is a prime example of why not to arm educators. Trump has raised the idea of arming teachers in schools, arguing that it would deter potential school shooters. And this guy was a trained reserve police officer.

The gun was pointed towards the ceiling when it fired causing pieces of the ceiling to fall on the ground. His gun went off. A single shot was sacked from a semi-automatic handgun into the ceiling, according to the Seaside Police Department.