Devil May Cry's Dante Will Join Monster Hunter

Devil May Cry's Dante Will Join Monster Hunter

Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter: World will be getting a special Devil May Cry-themed costume and weapon in an upcoming event quest for hunters who want their party to start getting a little insane. The inclusion of the character is to celebrate the release of the Devil May Cry HD Collection, which is out today.

Y'know, I just never could get into Monster Hunter World.

Capcom said to "stay tuned" for more information regarding the content and when it will be made available. For those unfamiliar Devil May Cry, you play as Dante as you hack and slash your way through demons and solve puzzles to fend off the evil that is to come. The collaboration between the two franchises will bring a new weapon, unlockable by all players who complete the dedicated quest. The sword falls under the Charge Blade category in Monster Hunter World, though it functions a bit differently from others of its kind. This time, Dante from the Devil May Cry series will make his way to Monster Hunter World through a future event quest.

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This announcement comes perfectly timed with the release of the Devil May Cry HD Collection, available now for $29.99 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Capcom has revealed that a Devil May Cry event will soon arrive within the game, which will reward players with protagonist Dante's signature weapons Force Edge AKA Woozy and Alastor. Another event quest is expected to add new palico armor that makes players' furry friends look like Mega Man. Dante, the protagonist of the Devil May Cry series, will be coming to MHW.