Google Assistant shortcut app now installs on Lollipop, tablets

Google Assistant for iPad

Today, the same can be said for iPads. The Google Assistant iPad app is a tablet-specific version with support for a larger screen, as well as support for portrait and landscape mode. Once you're in the app, Google Assistant has most of the functionality you're used to on other platforms, whether its controlling home automation systems through voice commands, scheduling reminders, or composing text messages.

Google rolled out Google Assistant to iPhones a year ago and it was only a matter of time before it expanded its virtual assistant to Apple's tablets as well.

Google Assistant for the iPad is rolling out today, and it includes support for French, Japanese, English, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish.

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The Google Assistant listing on the Play Store might only be a glorified shortcut, but it's still one avenue for accessing the Assistant on supported devices.

It is true that Google Assistant will not be as accessible on the iPad when compared with Siri, as the later can be activated with a press of a button or just by saying "Hey Siri". Like most updates or features Google pushes out, Assistant could be coming out in phases, so if you haven't gotten this feature yet, don't worry. Do check the app out from the App Store and let us know your opinion on it.