Russian Federation threatens counter-strikes on United States forces in Syria

Turkish forces ‘surround’ Syrian Kurdish city

Water to Syria's Afrin town has been cut for a week, the United Nations said on Wednesday, after Turkish troops seized the main dam and water plant in the region.

The city Afrin in the Northwest of Syria is an Outpost of the Syrian Kurds and their paramilitary "people's protection Units" (YPG), which Ankara calls terrorists.

It is also calling on the British Government to do more to help the people in the region who they say have been subjected to repeated shelling and bombing. Various forms of forcible transfer of populations, especially of ethnic or religious groups, are considered war crimes by the International Criminal Court.

The head of Russia's military General Staff and the head of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff discussed the Syrian crisis, including the situation in besieged eastern Ghouta, the Russian defence ministry also said on Tuesday.

The video [at the time 2:40] shows a militant accusing Kurdish forces elsewhere in Syria of seizing Arab villages, saying they "removed [Arab] residents and put them in camps".

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The activists say the town of Hamouria, in the southern pocket of eastern Ghouta, was the worst hit, with at least 10 killed there and a rescue center bombed and destroyed. Syria's government deployed fighters to Afrin last month as part of an agreement with YPG to fend off the Turkish offensive. Ankara considers the YPG a terror organization linked to its own Kurdish insurgency. Assad's forces, backed by Russian Federation and Iran, say they are targeting "terrorist" groups shelling the capital.

The protesters were expressing anger at a perceived lack of action from the USA after Turkey announced that its troops and Turkish-backed Syrian opposition fighters had begun a siege of the Syrian Kurdish-held northern town of Afrin.

In Washington, the Pentagon said Russian Federation should focus on stopping Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from targeting innocent civilians.

Russian Federation intervened in Syria in 2015 at Assad's request, helping him overcome a 2011 uprising sponsored by the West, Turkey and Gulf Arab states.

Eastern Ghouta is larger and more populated, with some 400,000 people believed to be living there, trapped under a relentless air and ground bombardment and a crippling years-long siege.