United Kingdom authorities raid Cambridge Analytica HQ


Officers for the Information Commission are searching the premises of Cambridge Analytica in central London after a High Court judge granted a warrant.

Cambridge Analytica asked to inform in the notice, the entities which hired its services, the method used for possession of data and whether it has taken consent from the from the users for using their data.

Cambridge Analytica says it's commissioning a third-party audit to prove that it deleted the trove of data about Facebook users that has embroiled the data analytics firm in controversy.

In a statement, the ICO said: "We're pleased with the decision of the judge and we plan to execute the warrant shortly. This is just one part of a larger investigation into the use of personal data for political purposes and we will now need time to collect and consider the evidence", the ICO tweeted.

In a statement issued by the IT ministry said, " the ministry of information and technology, the government of India has issued a notice to Cambridge Analytica wherein serious breac of propriety and misuse of data meant to profile and influence voting behaviour has been highlighted".

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It stems from claims over the harvesting of personal data - and whether it was used during Donald Trump's United States presidential campaign or the Brexit referendum.

Around 18 investigators were seen entering the company's London headquarters after obtaining a warrant to search its database and servers Friday night, the Guardian reported.

He said: "Please can I be absolutely clear: we did not use any GSR data in the work we did in the 2016 U.S. presidential election".

On Friday, Cambridge Analytica's acting CEO Alexander Tayler defended the firm, saying, "We in no way resemble the politically motivated and unethical company that some have sought to portray".