God of War Review: It's Been Worth The Wait

SIE Santa Monica Studio  Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

The Norse world has been left savaged after Kratos took his vengeance against the Olympian gods (which took place in the last few games).

The new storyline also pleased critics, as the introduction of Atreus adds another dimension to the already conflicted character of Kratos. You'll need to use every skill at your disposal, too, if you want to defeat the game's myriad enemies as God of War will throw wave after wave of nasties at you and pit you against bosses that will test your strategic mettle. Unlike previous God of War games, the reboot comes with an RPG system of equipment choices that can be a bit overwhelming at first, particularly because pieces of armour will tend to raise certain stats and lower others. He's brash and unforgiving, but small moments show a tenderness that he is incapable of understanding.

Another note to make is Atreus as a battle companion. It is the very epitome of fantasy, recasting myth for a father-son adventure that plays to a particularly macho vision of masculinity.

Kratos is loath to take the boy with him on the journey, which he knows will be fraught with danger, but his hand is forced after he is visited by a Norse god.

Kratos took out his fair share of issues dispatching the Greek Gods over many years and Santa Monica Studio made the ambitious leap to take Kratos into an all-new realm, or should we say, the nine realms of Asgardian mythology. Producing 4K graphics is incredibly demanding from a technical standpoint, but it seems as if the developers have over-promised if they weren't able to deliver that sort of graphical fidelity while also maintaining at least 30 FPS. But I persisted. 'Surely it will get easier as I level up, ' I thought. Who was the stranger?

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The first thing you'll notice about God of War is that it's a gorgeous game. The Frost Axe, for example, can be used to lay waste on enemies with light and heavy attacks, each of which connects with ferocity and heft.

IGN (10/10)"God of War has so much to offer, and you'll notice I've tried to remain as vague as possible in telling you about all of it".

If that fails, there's always bare knuckles too.

Give Me A Challenge: is harder and less forgiving. Each blow landed built up a stun, giving me the opportunity to initiate a massive cinematic finisher that put the enemy out of commission faster than a flurry of axe swipes. Only this time he's obviously a little more mature and slow to anger - well, as slow to anger as you'd expect from a god of war. That's not because God of War hinges its whole structure on a twist, or a gameplay trick you'll never see coming-it doesn't. It would have been a lot more effective of a gimmick if you could recall it while running/jumping and so on to encourage more locomotion; as it stands you have to wait until a late upgrade to recall it quickly, and even then it's in a limited fashion. Kratos doesn't feel like the unstoppable god he has been in the past. You have a button to fire an arrow at an enemy, but it is crucially a button to order Atreus to shoot, and therefore depends on where the wee AI-controlled lad happens to be standing. Even after finishing the campaign and a decent chunk of the side content (of which there is a ton), I'm still learning how to dodge, parry, and use all of the combo moves I learned along the way effectively in battle.