Mark Zuckerberg vows to revamp Facebook, admits his own data was shared

Mark Zuckerberg vows to revamp Facebook, admits his own data was shared

"He's absolutely sorry about just having no idea from where his information that he is supposed to be responsible for is being used", added Craig Bhatt.

Facebook shares dipped this morning, but they are still up 3 percent overall since Zuckerberg began his testimony on Capitol Hill on Wednesday. The House members on Wednesday explored a number of issues with the 33-year-old CEO, criticizing him for a lack of diversity in Facebook's top management team and asking if an agency should be created or laws passed to make tech companies address the need for privacy, even though protecting user data may hurt profits.

If you thought the torrent of Cambridge Analytica revelations might finally be coming to an end, we have bad news for you.

Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, many have criticized the CEO for "spying" on people, as one congresswoman put it, and non-consensually using their information for the benefit of the growth of the company.

Besides, Vaidhyanathan said, he pays ISPs, cable companies and newspapers "hundreds of dollars a month", and "they grab as much data as they can".

Such as: why should we allow you to continue tracking users when they have logged out of Facebook?

One of the most hard situations for Zuckerberg was when he was asked about his own privacy on the first day of hearing.

Dingell expressed frustration with Zuckerberg's frequent promises to get back to lawmakers later in writing.

"Congress is good at two things: doing nothing and overreacting", Long said.

For example, Zuckerberg finally shot down the notion that Facebook taps your phone's microphone to listen to you while it figures out which ads to show later.

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The issues of data privacy and control dominated the session, which was more focused and antagonistic than a Senate hearing the day before.

The stock was already rallying earlier Tuesday as investors digested the previously released prepared remarks from Zuckerberg.

Facebook responded to an IT Ministry notice seeking details of the data leak and the subsequent corrective action on April 5.

He said he was not familiar with so-called "shadow profiles", which media reports have described as collections of data about users that they have no knowledge of or control over.

But he stiffly defended Facebook's business model that uses the data and postings of the 2.2 billion users of its free platform in order to attract the advertising revenue the US$480 billion (S$629 billion) company depends on.

Ben Luján got Zuckerberg to admit that Facebook goes so far as to collect data from some people who have not signed up for the social network "for security purposes".

Asked by Graham whether Facebook was a monopoly, Zuckerberg said: "It certainly doesn't feel that way to me".

Shortly before Zuckerberg testified before the Senate Commerce Committee, John Thune, the Republican chairman of the committee, said he knows "there are people who say we ought to regulate these social media platforms, [but] I'm not convinced that's the case". The House committee Chairman Greg Walden told reporters he would discuss with his committee holding similar hearings with other technology chief executives.

He said the company made big changes in the platform in 2014 that have prevented this specific situation with Cambridge Analytica from occurring again.