Google is testing self-destructing emails in new Gmail

Google is testing self-destructing emails in new Gmail

The Gmail web interface is set to be provided a fresh new makeover, G Suite admins are reported to have been informed.

Beyond that, judging by screenshots sent to TechCrunch, Gmail users will be able to choose when the email expires and disappears into the ether. With the new version of Gmail, users may be allowed to access Google Calendar from the Gmail interface directly.

While, snoozing emails lets the user temporarily remove an email from their inbox and have it reappear later, like at a set time or when they arrive at a specific destination.

Since Google is working on some major updates now, it looks like there are plenty of new features to get excited about it.

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Google is about to launch a new Gmail design in the coming weeks.

The new Google Go will allow users to search and see their favourite news sites and apps from a single location on their devices.

But while the leaked screenshots showed numerous big changes in Gmail, info about a new feature that lets users send self-destructing emails is only starting to trickle out now. In 2017, Gmail had 1.2 billion active worldwide users. Furthermore, it will have much better integrations with Google's other services like a sidebar for appointments, Google Tasks, and more. Also, in the aftermath of Facebook data theft scam, it became inevitable for tech companies to highlight and enhance security features. The report describes that on the recipient's side, the person used the existing version of Gmail and received a link to view the confidential email. The compact view will be similar to the current Gmail design, something that current users should be happy about.

The email also noted that the redesigned Gmail will be available as an Early Adopter Program (EAP) - it will be rolled out to both G Suite customers and personal Gmail accounts. It also adds a new snooze feature that lets you hide emails for a period of time, so you can reply to the email once you're ready to.