Playable Ewoks are coming to Star Wars Battlefront II

Playable Ewoks are coming to Star Wars Battlefront II

In this gameplay mode, fallen Stormtroopers will respawn as Ewoks, so the Ewok forces will constantly grow whenever a Stormtrooper is killed. This update will add a new mode called Ewok Hunt, available for a limited time, in which Stormtroopers and Ewoks do battle in the dark on the Ewok homeworld. Crystals will be reintroduced with the update, but can only be used to purchase cosmetic items like these new Appearances.

Welcome to the very first edition of the Community Transmission the brand-new Star Wars Battlefront II Community update.

There must be some serious mind control devices over at EA, with the publisher reintroducing microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront II, because why the hell not. At least we're not getting a Jar Jar mode.

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No word yet on whether these Ewoks will try to eat the stormtroopers, too. We know this is something that many of you have been asking for, so we can't wait to see them in action across the galaxy.

In the next update you will be able to convert Crafting Parts to Skill Points. The Endor Update is set to go live for the game on April 18. They can also use credits to unlock iconic "Star Wars" characters like Luke Skywalker, but prior to the game's launch the characters were prohibitively expensive.

"Seasons will focus around a specific theme (such as a new Star Wars film, or an anniversary in the Star Wars Universe) and will usually span multiple months". While there hasn't been any mention of a pink Darth Vader skin (sadly we may only have mods for that), there are a number of other skins included in the official forum post, such as Ach-To Rey and Wounded Chewbacca. "We had the intent that was designed for us to have more people play it over a longer period of time", Söderlund explained. In addition, DICE announced that Season Two of Battlefront II content will arrive in May.