Extra glass of wine, beer takes 30 minutes off your life

Sales of wine and liquor have long been banned on Sundays in Tennessee

About half of the drinkers reported consuming more than the U.K.'s recommended limits. The guidelines recommended women over 21 drink no more than one drink per day, but it rose to two drinks for men.

Two years is one-twentieth of a 40-year-old's life.

Figures increase if more alcohol is consumed, with those who drink 18 or more drinks a week, losing up to five years of life. But, said Dr Angela Wood, from the University of Cambridge, lead author of the study, "this must be balanced against the higher risk associated with other serious - and potentially fatal - cardiovascular diseases".

The UK reduced its guideline limit to a "low risk" 14 units for both sexes in 2016, equivalent to six 175ml glasses of wine, six pints of beer or cider, or 14 single gin and tonics.

In a commentary in the Lancet, Profs Jason Connor and Wayne Hall from the University of Queensland Centre for Youth Substance Abuse Research in Australia, anticipated that the suggestion of lowering recommended drinking limits will come up against opposition.

The global team of researchers analysed data taken from 83 studies in high-income countries and found an increase in all causes of death once more than 100g of alcohol is consumed each week.

The old adage, "a glass a day keeps the doctor away", is a fallacy, according to a recent study. That's about the same risk as from a cigarette, David Spiegelhalter, Winton professor for the public understanding of risk at the University of Cambridge, explained in a statement. "We should always remember that alcohol guidelines should act as a limit, not a target, and try to drink well below this threshold".

Researchers also looked at the association between alcohol consumption and different types of cardiovascular disease.

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Higher alcohol consumption was associated with a higher risk of stroke, heart failure, fatal hypertensive disease, and fatal aneurysms. Consuming two bacon sandwiches a week or sitting watching a hour of television per day is statistically more unsafe for long-term health.

On the other hand, the risk of nonfatal heart attacks was somewhat smaller for people drinking more.

'This is a massive and very impressive study.

"This is a serious wake-up call for many countries", said Jeremy Pearson, associate medical director at the British Heart Foundation charity, which helped fund the study, in a statement.

'Of course it's up to individuals whether they think this is worthwhile'.

The results have been compiled by combing over the findings of 83 studies conducted in 19 high income countries worldwide.

Likewise someone consuming 100-200g per week or 200-350g per week shaved an estimated six months or one to two years of their life expectancy. It estimates that, compared to those who only drink a little, people who drink at the current United Kingdom guidelines suffer no overall harm in terms of death rates, and have 20 per cent fewer heart attacks.

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