Stories Facebook to be a new feature

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The report also pointed out that AR drawing will be known as "3D drawing" and will roll out for Facebook users in coming weeks.

Now, the Stories section on Facebook is getting boost as the giant is going to add AR doodles and Boomerange GIFs to the stories. The tool, according to Josh Constine, is already rolling out to the Facebook Camera.

Instagram has taken a page out of the Facebook book as it will now allow the users to download a copy of the profile of all the information they have shared. Facebook has warned though that the feature isn't ideal yet, and the quality of the AR experience will depend on the lighting while capturing images as well as how well the contours of the subject are captured.

In addition to the new 3D feature, Facebook has also rolled out an option to create and share boomerangs just like Instagram.

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Apart from the new features, Facebook is also making the panel larger and adding a camera window in the status composer. It launched its suite of AR effects and developer kits for various applications at the F8 conference in April past year.

AR drawing allows you to draw 3D images with AR on the real world.

On the other hand, Instagram's Boomerang feature is going to replace the Camera button on the Stories on Facebook.

Stories section is available not only on Facebook, the same Stories section which was first available on Snapchat is now available on Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Facebook Stories will now allow a user to scribble or draw shapes on videos of the world around them. As Facebook ramps up competition with the likes of Snapchat and Instagram, we can likely expect greater integration with AR in future updates.