Theresa May 'seeks full role' in Syria strikes

US President Donald Trump attends a meeting with senior military leaders at the White House

The drumbeat of military action appeared to grow louder, as Russian Federation stonewalled diplomatic efforts at the United Nations and France declared "proof" that Moscow's Syrian ally carried out a deadly chemical weapons attack that killed more than 40 Syrians.

In another development on Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said at a press briefing that Washington has not laid out a timetable for possible strikes on Syria yet.

The Cabinet agreed on the need to "take action" to deter further chemical weapons use by Assad, but added that May would continue to consult with allies to coordinate an worldwide response.

In April previous year Trump ordered Tomahawk strikes on the Shayrat Airbase in response to a similar chemical weapons attack on rebel-held Khan Sheikhun.

Although Mr. Mattis noted that military action carried risks, he also emphasised that Syrian use of chemical weapons should not be tolerated. But he tweeted Thursday that it may come "very soon or not so soon at all!" Trump on Wednesday had warned Russian Federation to "get ready" for a missile attack on its ally Syria.

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, an global chemical weapons watchdog organization said Thursday that its team is en route to Syria and will begin work Saturday to investigate the attack.

Britain has been launching air strikes in Syria from its military base in Cyprus, but only against targets linked to the Islamic State militant group.

"There has been no decision to take military action at this point".

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In a separate development, Reuters cited United States officials as saying that the Syrian military has re-positioned some air assets in response to Trump's threats to possibly ramp up military activity against Damascus.

"The situation in the world is getting more chaotic", he said.

In 2015 lawmakers approved United Kingdom strikes on Islamic State group targets in Syria, but not on government forces.

"That's a case that I've made going back many, many years in Parliament", he added.

But the Cabinet's call for "action" to prevent further use of chemical weapons included no details on the method or timing of such strikes, while leaving open the possibility of other responses. "We need to know where that's going, what the goal of it is before we take that act".

"Whenever the Syrian Army achieves victory in the field, some Western countries rise their voices and intensify their movements in an attempt to change the track of events", Assad said.

Russian lawmakers have warned the United States that Moscow would view an airstrike on Syria as a war crime and that it could trigger a direct U.S-Russian military clash.