Thunder suspends play-by-play man for 'offensive' remark during Wednesday's game

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He assures us it was not meant in any sort of offensive or derogatory manner and he apologizes. But the phrase also has racial overtones, given that many slaves were forced to literally pick cotton.

Brian Davis, the announcer for the Oklahoma City Thunder since 2008, has been suspended for one game due to his racially-tinged remarks during Wednesday night's game.

The avid sports fan spoke to TMZ about the report, saying that he would take the comments as a compliment, as Davis was likely referring to the point guard's unreal skills on the court.

The Oklahoma City Thunder slammed a broadcaster Thursday for using the "offensive" term "cotton-picking" to describe star player Russell Westbrook's play in the team's regular season finale. Davis apologized in a statement.

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"It is with great remorse and humility that I accept this suspension for the insensitive words I used during Wednesday's broadcast", Davis told ESPN. "I offer my honest apology". "This is an appropriate outcome for my actions", Davis concluded.

"That's really up to Brian", he said. Management recognized the commentary was vile, and even though it likely wasn't his intention to be as much, they spoke to the announcer to express their displeasure with him using the term. But he definitely came in and talked to us.

George said that Davis owned what he said and that the team was trying to focus on preparing for the playoffs rather than the internal controversy. "That's not where our focus is, what happened". That's for him and the front office to discuss. "We move on. We've got something bigger to focus on and be anxious about".

The Thunder next play the Utah Jazz in the first round of the playoffs on Sunday.