Justin Bieber Punches Man Who Was Choking Woman at Coachella Party

Justin Bieber Coachella 2018

Singer Justin Bieber has reportedly punched a man in the face after he saw him grab a woman by the throat.

Reports coming from the Californian festival scene say that the man entered the party pretty bloody blotto, and upon seeing a woman who is suspected to be an ex-partner, approached her, grabbed her by the throat, and refused to let her go.

Sources familiar with the situation tell us Justin and a friend showed up at a party Saturday night hosted by Patrick Schwarzenneger.

TMZ reports that Bieber arrived at the shin-dig with a mate before the came to the woman's rescue.

TMZ also reported that the man - who appeared to be under the influence of drugs - later chased an SUV believing that the "Sorry" singer was inside.

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Authorities eventually arrived and arrested him.

A second video surfaced of Bieber as well, this time (sadly) with shirt.

He was in good spirits and, two days before the brawl, was even spotted taking selfies with 11-year-old internet sensation Mason "Walmart Kid" Ramsey who became a viral hit when he was filmed yodelling inside the U.S. discount store last month.

Bieber acquitted himself well on the dance floor, particularly when compared to celebrities-caught-dancing-in-the-wild Coachella incidents of the past. The power of the Internet, eh?