Mac Miller Arrested for DUI in California

Bail set at $15K Ariana Grande's ex-boyfriend Mac Miller is reportedly behind bars in a Los Angeles jail after confessing to a DUI and hit and run late Thursday night in the San Fernando Valley

Mac Miller is definitively a nice guy.

Law enforcement sources tell the gossip site that Mac was driving in the San Fernando Valley around Thursday early morning when his 2016 G-Wagon hit a power pole, knocking it down.

Miller crashed into a pole, which caused it to fall over, and fled the scene on foot with two other individuals. Cops arrived at the crash scene, ran the plates and got Mac's address.

Mac Miller has been arrested for Driving Under the Influence in Los Angeles after his vehicle hit a power pole in the San Fernando Valley.

Jailed The 26-year-old rapper was driving two passengers when his 2016 G Wagon hit and knocked over a power pole and they all fled the scene- according to TMZ
Report: Mac Miller Arrested In California DUI Crash

Miller, real name Malcolm McCormick and who had a hit with 'Dang!' two years ago, was then arrested and taken to the local jail, where he reportedly remains now.

The police report that when they went to Miller's home to arrest him, he was "the most polite and nice intoxicated person we've ever seen".

It's already been a rough month for the "Watching Movies" singer as he recently broke up with his girlfriend, Ariana Grande. In the photo, Miller makes a silly face while Grande looks off to the side while they sit in the backseat of a auto.

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