'Deadpool 2' explosion of crass comedy, awesome action

The troubled teen played by New Zealander Julian Dennison has fire-generating powers

We won't spoil who. Well, no, unfortunately. Deadpool 2 contains more than its fair share of f-bombs and flying limbs, but it has a gooey soft centre that seems at odds with the irreverent tone it continually seems to aim for. Now, all our superhero movies are amusing and self-referential, lessening the unique value proposition at stake for "Deadpool 2". Now, after a failed assassination of the head of a NY drug cartel, Wade Wilson aka Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) returns home to his girlfriend Vaneesa Carlysle (Morena Baccarin) to celebrate their anniversary.

Point the first: As portrayed by Ryan Reynolds, the character of Deadpool, also known as Wade Wilson, has always been annoying.

Ryan Reynolds proved once again that he and Blake Lively are undoubtedly the cutest Hollywood couple when the 41-year-old Canadian actor, screenwriter and producer admitted his favourite gig just so happens to be his role as "Mr. Lively". Fortunately, the sequel comes off as much more than a cash grab. "Said the guy who starred in Goonies", Reynolds hit back.

The rest of the cast are fine, if a little underdeveloped.

In order to combat Cable, Deapool realizes he needs some backup, which results in the creation of X-Force, a motley team of characters that includes Domino (Atlanta's Zazie Beetz) who has the power of luck on her side, and Peter (Rob Delaney), a middle-aged schlub with no superpowers who just wants to be part of a team. When asked whether the existence of Avengers: Infinity War will affect Deadpool 2's collections, he said, "Everybody who wanted to watch Avengers has watched it and it has done what it was supposed to do at the box office". Actors like Morena Baccarin and T.J.Miller return to continue with their roles.

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Story wise, it's pretty much more of the same and that's no bad thing.

For those who may be confused: This is a movie set in 20th Century Fox's X-Men universe, which is separate - thanks to rights issues - from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Deadpool 2 is, if less of a surprise than its predecessor, just as amusing; if it's less sexy, that doesn't mean you're not going to get to see the protagonist walking around with no trousers. He has a hard, humorless edge that makes him a sort of straight man for Deadpool's endless joking. Watch the full clip above.

Her red-carpet dress was black and red, just like Deadpool, and she couldn't have looked more stunning.

"I love that we introduce Cable into this film as our big baddie and that it takes a bit of a turn", Reynolds says. After all, that wouldn't be the Deadpool way. Since then, thanks to Deadpool's success or simply as an organic coincidence, other superhero films have pushed further on all three fronts - Taika Waititi crafted an nearly Marvel parody in Thor: Ragnarok, The Lego Batman Movie was relentless in its self-referencing, and James Mangold made great use of the age rating to give us the best Wolverine film in Logan. The comedy, performances and action are all spot on. But when it came to making a scene better, "it was really the best idea wins". A worthy sequel, but not an Empire or Spider-Man 2 in this instance.