School bus taking kids on field trip collides with truck

HORROR IN NJ: School Bus & Dump Truck Collide On Route 80; Fatalities Reported, Many Injured

We will remind, in the USA state of new Jersey the school bus was carrying children on a tour, and dump truck collided on a country road, as a result, the bus overturned on the roof and received significant damage.

The crash left the bus lying on its side on the guardrail of Interstate 80 in Mount Olive, its undercarriage and front end sheared off and its steering wheel exposed.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy traveled to the middle school earlier Thursday, saying his heart is broken and calling what happened a tragedy.

The school's fifth-grade class was heading to Waterloo Village in Stanhope for a class trip when one of the three buses collided with a dump truck near Exit 25 in Mount Olive. The two other buses were not involved in the crash and sent back tot he school.

Mount Olive Mayor Rob Greenbaum described the crash scene as "horrific".

Theo Ancevski, 11, was on board the bus that crashed, he told the Record. The driver of the dump truck was hurt.

Officials say they're investigating the cause of the deadly crash.

The Morris County Prosecutor's Office has confirmed multiple deaths, though it's not clear how many or how old the victims were. It is unclear how many students were aboard the bus or the number of vehicles involved in the collision.

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The impact was so severe, the top half of the bus completely tore away from its chassis and went hurtling into the metal barriers on the side of the highway with students inside.

Two other buses in the field trip convoy also carrying fifth-graders on the same trip returned to Paramus, officials said.

The Paramus school district said in a statement that the students were headed to the Waterloo Village historic site about 50 miles (80 kilometers) from the East Brook Middle School.

"As somebody who has been a first responder for over 40 years, these are not the type of incidents you want to have to respond to", he said.

Donald Lazorchek, who was picking up his son James, said the news was "shocking, very shocking", and he kept "hoping it wasn't my son". Two people have suffered life-threatening injuries but the extent of the others is not known.

Authorities say a school bus and dump truck have collided on a New Jersey highway and multiple people are injured. The front end of the bus appears to have been crushed in the wreck.

Where did the New Jersey school bus crash occur?

The New Jersey State Department of Health's disaster team was on the scene to assist with family reunification and counseling.