Alligator drags woman walking her dogs into pond in Florida

The lake at the nature park is sprawling and one of many. Earlier this week another local reported seeing a'7ft alligator swimming in

Police have been on the look out for a woman who was reportedly dragged into a pond by a 12-foot alligator while walking her dogs on Friday morning.

The 911 caller said the reptile dragged the woman into a lake at 09:45 on Friday (13:45 GMT) in the town of Davie, 25 miles (40km) north of Miami. Police did not immediately clarify the discrepancy. Dale Engle told The Sun Sentinel.

Engle told the newspaper how the woman's canine companions "won't leave the pond". "One of her dogs got bit by the gator".

The lake at the nature park is sprawling and one of many.

"There are plenty of gators in this lake", she said. Gallinal said the wildlife commission would take over the investigation. "It's sad to hear someone got hit by the gator", he said.

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Divers are searching for her in the water. People go there to walk, walk their dogs and picnic. "I don't think he could really hide".

Alligators are opportunistic feeders that will eat what is readily available and easily overpowered.

"Alligators make national news when they show up in homeowners" swimming pools or at their front doors.

Fatal attacks on humans remain rare, however.

Alligators are found in all 67 of Florida's counties, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said. Since 1948, there have been 300 incidents when alligators have bitten people, and 22 have died.