Group photo masks underlying tension at G-7 summit

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks on the phone in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington

President Vladimir Putin's occupation of parts of the Ukraine in 2014, his illiberal tactics of rule, his crushing of the independent media, and a fall in oil prices made Russian Federation less and less likely as a member of a club of "industrialized democracies", and Moscow's membership was suspended in 2014.

Trump's presidency has been clouded by a federal investigation into Russian meddling into the 2016 USA election and possible coordination by people in Trump's campaign.

President Donald Trump fired off what appeared to be passive-aggressive tweets to world leaders on Thursday, one day before he is set to meet G7 leaders for a summit in Canada.

Trump joined the leaders of major industrialized nations in an idyllic Canadian resort town after days of escalating conflict over new USA tariffs he slapped on imports of steel and aluminum.

U.S. President Donald Trump accused Canada of burning down the White House during what is being termed a testy phone call with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, media reported Wednesday. Trump wrote on Twitter.

Macron said: "We'll all be behind him to support this essential initial initiative in the fight for global denuclearization". "It will start first of all to hurt U.S. workers".

"I think Putin's probably going, 'Man, I wish Hillary won, '" Trump said.

"Why isn't the European Union and Canada informing the public that for years they have used massive Trade Tariffs and non-monetary Trade Barriers against the U.S. Totally unfair to our farmers, workers & companies?" "Look forward to seeing them tomorrow", Trump tweeted.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the leaders would air their unhappiness in what he called a polite cordial context and expressed optimism about the summit.

Before arriving in Canada, British Prime Minister Theresa May called on fellow European Union leaders to take proportionate responses to the USA tariffs and shrugged off a rebuff by Trump for a formal one-on-one meeting at the G-7. Why are we having a meeting without them?

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Trump trade clash dooms hopes of G7 consensus
Russian Federation was expelled from what was then called the G8 in 2014 because of its annexation of Crimea from Ukraine. Mr Trudeau has described the U.S. claim that the tariff decision was taken on national security grounds as "insulting".

Despite the tension, the president was greeted cordially by Trudeau as he arrived at the annual gathering, held this year at a picturesque Quebec resort. The remaining countries in the group include the United States, Canada, France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy and Japan. The EU is also attending the summit.

President Donald Trump told reporters on Friday that he thought Russian Federation should be reinstated as a member of the G8. All members would also pledge to respect rules, and seek a reform of the World Trade Organization.

Relations have hit such a low point that a key question now is whether the seven countries can agree on a joint statement of priorities at the conclusion of the meeting.

Fears of a looming trade war were heightened last week after all the G7 nations announced plans to retaliate against Trump's tariffs with tariffs of their own. France's finance minister described the group as "far more a G-6 plus one than a G-7".

Macron made clear Thursday that the other six countries would not hesitate to go it alone.

When the two leaders finally met late in the day, Macron was first to reach out to shake Trump's hand and the last to let go, gripping it so tight his fingers left white marks - a reprise of the long, exaggerated handshake that marked the first meeting between the two leaders past year. "And then we'll see what happens".

Trump's comments on agriculture, his imposition of steel and aluminum tariffs, as well as broader disagreements on trade, climate change and the USA withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement, are setting the stage for some tense G7 talks. The Commerce Department said foreign production of steel and aluminum was driving down prices and hurting USA producers, creating a "national security threat". Canada is waiting until the end of the month to apply them with the hope the Trump administration will reconsider.

Trump has argued that the US can negotiate with its trading partners from a position of strength because other countries want access to the vast American market and will have no choice but to give in to USA demands.

Non-US G7 members say they will be firm as they confront Mr Trump but do not want a rupture that could cause a major trade war.