Real gator watches while boy uses inflatable gator

I saw the brown chair move. Oh my God... Never would I expect so close to us, Ms Mojica said

Mom watches from a few feet away filming her son, telling him she wants to "make one of those amusing YouTube videos".

Video of the incident posted on Facebook by Nicole Mojica shows the moment when her 6-year-old son Timmy had a close encounter with the alligator in the backyard of their Orlando home.

"Now it's just sitting there looking", Mojica wrote, adding that she had spoken to someone from her homeowners association who informed her that it was too small to capture. I was hoping to make one of those amusing YouTube videos, like the gator did something to you and popped up in the air'. He then walks over to her holding his giant alligator while she encourages him to continue to play.

The mum says she didn't notice the beast in the background until she watched the footage again later. "He sees us for sure!"

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Mojica lives in Lake Nona and made the post on her Facebook page public to spread awareness of how alligators can be anywhere. "Well, he wasn't. And he went down the slip n" slide and into the pond, ' she continued.

"And he went down the slip and slide and into the pond". Oh my god... Never would I expect [an alligator] so close to us.

Alligator expert at Gatorland Donny Aldarelli said people needed to be aware of alligators at this time of year.

June is mating season so the reptiles will be out more frequently. "Well, he wasn't", Ms Mojica said.