Trump Signals Possible Support For Bipartisan Marijuana Legislation

Sen. Elizabeth Warren D-Mass. waits to speak during a meeting of the Senate Banking Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington

Cory Gardner (R-Colo.), who is aligned with Trump on several issues but recently has tangled with the administration over the Justice Department's threatened crackdowns on cannabis.

Trump has sent mixed signals on the drug: While campaigning for president, he pledged to respect states that legalized marijuana, but he also has criticized legalization and implied it should be stopped.

Trump's comments Friday build on an earlier discussion he had with Gardner on marijuana.

'I support Senator Gardner.

Trump spoke amid ongoing tension between eight states including California and Washington DC that have legalized all adult use of marijuana and federal law that makes it illegal. He said there are concerns about the criminal justice part of the bill and cost of legalization, though he did not specify which costs.

A national prohibition that puts pot on the same level as LSD and heroin has created a conflict with more than two dozen states that have legalized pot in some form. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., waits to speak during a meeting of the Senate Banking Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington.

Trump's embrace of the bill is just another blow to his attorney general, who has been a longtime opponent of marijuana.

Gardner and Warren, both supporters of marijuana legalization by states, developed the bill in response to Sessions' action.

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The STATES Act would give states the right to self-determine cannabis laws without the looming threat of federal interference. "We're looking at it".

Another bill expands the state's medical marijuana program and allows any health-care practitioner permitted to prescribe controlled substances to write prescriptions.

The legislation would also clarify that financial transactions with legal marijuana businesses do not constitute drug trafficking. Hemp produces the non-intoxicating cannabinoids, or CBDs, that have become a health rage and a lucrative crop in Kentucky and other states.

She noted, for instance, marijuana companies are legally barred from depositing funds they derive from their business can not be deposited in federally insured banks.

Because of federal regulations, most marijuana businesses are barred from traditional banks and opening lines of credit.

Prohibits the distribution of marijuana at transportation safety facilities such as rest areas and truck stops.

Canada would be the first member of the Group of Seven (G7) industrialized countries to legalize marijuana for personal use.

However, with Republicans in control of Congress and Trump in the White House, legislation that leaves marijuana legalization up to the states has the best chance of gaining traction - and furthering the divide between the president and his attorney general.