What to do if you suspect someone is suicidal

CDC: Suicide rates on the rise in almost every state | TheHill

A recently-released CDC report shows numbers up 30 percent nationwide since 1999 in half of the states, and Idaho saw one of the highest increases from 1999 to 2016. I don't talk about him as a person who died by suicide because that was how he died.

Just days after fashion icon Kate Spade died by suicide, celebrity chef and author Anthony Bourdain, host of the CNN travel show "Parts Unknown", was found dead in his hotel room in France at the age of 61.

This week saw the sudden deaths of Bourdain and designer Kate Spade. "She was actively seeking help and working closely with her doctors to treat her disease", he wrote.

If you have thoughts of suicide, confidential help is available for free at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Suicide rates are higher in rural areas, with the gap between rates in urban and rural areas widening, with 2007 seeing the gap begin to widen more quickly, the CDC reports.

There were about 10 suicides per 100,000 people ages 10 and older in Maryland from 1999-2016, the CDC reported. Since 1999, suicide rates have soared 25 percent in the United States.

The CDC said suicide rates in the US increased more than 30 per cent between 1999 and 2016.

"This is a major public health problem but we know that prevention programs work and can be effective in reducing this tragedy", Dr. Anne Schuchat, CDC principal deputy director, told Fox News. But the outpouring of grief on social media over the untimely deaths of these icons hides a larger trend, a country in the grips of a suicide crisis.

"Whether [officials] think it's mental health or not is based on a box on the forms that a medical examiner checks", she says. Only one state, Nevada, had a decrease in its rate (1 percent).

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This week's report found that many suicides were in people with no known mental illness. But other problems - such as the loss of a relationship, financial setbacks, substance abuse and eviction - were common precursors, both among those who had a mental health diagnosis and those who did not.

Solutions for curbing the suicide rate include states and communities identifying and supporting those at risk, teaching coping and problem solving skills, promoting safe and supportive environments, and offering more activities to bring people together.

Increasingly, suicide is being viewed not only as a mental health problem but a public health one. DE had the lowest increase at 5.9 percent. Montana recorded the highest rate of 29.2 suicides per 100,000, and Washington, D.C., the lowest, at 6.9 suicides per 100,000 people.

"We are highly aware we still have high rates, but we will never give up".

The past three decades have presented a morbid puzzle. "The idea that suicide is not preventable is completely fallacious". Crisis hotlines can save lives; so can psychiatric treatment. Society must take a closer look at the issue and focus more efforts on suicide prevention, she said. But in some states, the increases are staggering. "Using these factors, we can predict attempts with greater than 90percent accuracy".

Increasing the use of alcohol or other drugs.

If someone indicates that he or she is thinking about suicide or self-harm, it's best to help them connect with a mental health professional - but this may be easier said than done, Lieberman says.

Despite this, she said there are studies that show a rise in teen suicide during the time the series began streaming.