Singapore diplomat: 'All systems go' for Trump-Kim summit

The release of three American detainees by North Korea has raised hopes for other abductee families

Tuesday will mark the first time a sitting US president and a North Korean leader meet, though it's unclear what a nuclear deal with the isolated country will look like.

Never straying from the Art of the Deal, Mr Trump said he would leave the meeting if he didn't like where it was heading.

He added that the North Korean government was "working very well" with the US and said: "so far so good".

In recent weeks, it was unclear if the June 12 summit would take place, after President Trump announced he was canceling the meeting.

"For Koreans, this is a very historic moment", said politics teacher Lee Deok-hyoung, who works at the Singapore Korean International School.

Trump delivered off-script comments as he was leaving a G-7 summit in Canada, a meeting at which he was at odds with USA allies on issues such as trade.

"My touch. My feel". "He can take that nation, with those great people, and truly make it great".

President TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump tweets condolences after United States soldier killed in Somalia Trump floats scrapping all tariffs, barriers at G-7 summit: report Dem rips Trump's call to include Russian Federation in G7: What does Putin have on him? However, the USA president noted that G8 format was more meaningful than G7, adding that he would be positive if Russian Federation returns in the bloc.

"We'll have to see what happens and we're going to know very soon". He said he thinks "it's going to work out very well".

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"I feel that Kim Jong Un wants to do something great for his people and he has that opportunity and he won't have that opportunity again".

"I think I'll know pretty quickly whether or not, in my opinion, something positive will happen". But he also said, "If North Korea's goal is, as it might well be, to end USA sanctions and normalize bilateral relations, then they should know that won't happen as long as the regime treats its citizens as it does now".

"Maybe we'll start with the White House, what do you think?" he said when asked if Kim would be invited to Washington or his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

However, the mention of Libya - first by US national security adviser John Bolton and again by Vice President Mike Pence - almost derailed Trump's historic meeting with Kim. "And it used to be the G8, not the G7", Trump told reporters after the G7 summit in Quebec.

But Kotani said Japan should work with the global community to make sure that stringent economic sanctions are maintained as much as possible.

The summit has fueled hopes in South Korea that the two leaders may weigh a formal declaration to end the Korean War.

If it were a protracted process, Trump would stop enforcing sanctions against Pyongyang, and South Korea and China would return to unconditional subsidization of the Kim regime, Lee said. You know the way they say you know if you like somebody in the first five seconds?

A delicate aspect of the Trump-Kim summit is that the United States is meeting with a de facto nuclear state that desires détente without denuclearization, while the USA wants détente in exchange for denuclearization.