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Above EA Play will have a bigger live

EA have just revealed more about Anthem during their EA play show with three of the Bioware team on stage to talk about the game, General Manager Casey Hudson, Executive Producer Mark Darrah, and Lead Writer Catheleen Rootsaert.

While you can play solo, you will need an online connection to play.

And while the Battlefield V trailer generated plenty of hype, it pales in comparison to the amount of hype surrounding EA's upcoming brand new title, Anthem.

That story isn't just for background - the world will indeed change in permanent ways as BioWare continues to support Anthem after launch. Everyone will experience the same world whether there is a weather pattern shift or a new large enemy. Here, Mass Effect style player choice is back, with players able to go back to their base and embark on offline reward gathering and interact with NPCs and influence the story.

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You'll still be building relationships and maintaining friendships, but you won't be falling for any specific characters the way we did in BioWare's previous games.

The player character will be a freelancer, individuals uniquely suited to piloting the exosuits so prominently featured in the game. These "God Tools" come into regular conflict with the "Anthem of creation" which creates massive storms, creatures, and environments. In fact the developers have stressed that you will know what you're getting before you buy it.

Thanks to a world ravaged by natural disasters, players will have to traverse Anthem's world in Iron-Man-esque suits known as javelins. Opening and closing the show with clips and gameplay footage, developers announced a release date of February 22, 2019, for the upcoming action RPG.

BioWare has confirmed "no loot boxes" and "no ability to pay for power" within Anthem's wholly-cosmetic DLC model, but the dev didn't make clear exactly what kind of season pass or DLC chapter content might be sold for the game at a later time.