Ajit Pai Says Killing Net Neutrality Will Be Really Wonderful

Net Neutrality Ends Tomorrow, FCC On Track To Remove Rules As Scheduled

After a drawn-out battle between internet advocates and Trump's Federal Communications Commission, today marks the official end of net neutrality. Opponents say this gives Internet providers the power to block competitors and new technologies. Even if the bill passes the House of Representatives, it heads to the White House where chances are almost impossible that President Trump signs the resolution eliminating the first major act of deregulation of his administration.

The Federal Communications Commission's repeal of its net neutrality rules officially takes effect Monday, but you shouldn't expect your internet experience to change immediately. However, Congress can still pass a law to simply reverse the repeal or even improve on the previous net neutrality rules. ISPs will have to disclose any changes they make as part of the deregulation, so consumers should have access to updated information about data caps, paid prioritization or any other changes a service provider may make. The idea was to keep the internet open and uncensored. In reality, the ISPs' investments have continued to grow in the two years of post-net neutrality rules. Others, including the governors of Montana and NY, used executive orders to force net neutrality. Ajit Pai, FCC chairman, felt that the net neutrality rules stifled innovation.

"The internet is coming for net neutrality".

Back in February, FCC's new chairman Ajit Pai, who is a former Verizon lawyer, issued a "Restoring Internet Freedom" order in the Federal Registry.

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The now-defunct rules required companies that provided internet service to consumers to abide by a series of rules that prevented them from blocking lawful websites, manipulating internet speeds or striking deals with companies like Google and Facebook for so-called "internet fast lanes". "In 2015, the FCC stripped the FTC-the nation's premier consumer protection agency- of its authority over internet service providers".

As you surf the internet, you might not notice anything different. Congress is still fighting to uphold net neutrality, and states continue to find ways to enact their own laws regarding the controversial regulations. In most circumstances, a bill does not reach the floor of the House of Representatives until voted out of the committee in which it was assigned.

The Republican-led Federal Communications Commission voted along party lines in December to repeal the rules, which were meant to prevent internet providers from blocking, speeding up, or slowing down access to specific online services. "Monopoly phone and cable companies will undoubtedly seek to maximize profits by favoring their own content over their competitors and creating fast lanes and slow lanes ultimately at the expense of consumers".

Washington and OR have gone farther, and passed laws that require all ISPs within their borders to offer net neutrality protections.