BioWare's Anthem launches 22 February 2019 on PC, PS4 & Xbox One

Above EA Play will have a bigger live

With that in mind, E3 2018 technically begins on 9 June, 2018, with Electronic Arts kicking off the festivities before anyone else.

Stay tuned as more information from E3 2018 becomes available. If you reside elsewhere, EA says it is still worth pre-registering for Android and iOS at www.cncrivals.com. Some new gameplay changes introduced include diving and rolling through windows and also customisation of weapons and vehicles to make them a lot better. It sounds like more Javelins will be added post launch.

Arguably one of the most popular games on this planet, the Federation Internationale de Football Association franchise continues with the latest edition called Federation Internationale de Football Association 19. This year Federation Internationale de Football Association 19 will get a fully licenced Championship League, Europa League and Super Cup which means all the above tournaments will be available in every game modes such as Career Mode, Ultimate Team Mode and The Journey Mode. While the new Premium tier will give unlimited playtime to EA's upcoming new games like Anthem, Unravel Two and many more that will be accessible five days before the launch also will have unlimited playing hours.

Quake Champions hypes the game at the Bethesda E3 2018 Showcase by announcing a free to play week for everyone.

Only a few snippets of gameplay were shown but from what these show, Battlefield V is looking to be a big step up for the series and it looks to be shaking up the formula in some interesting ways. What we don't know, is how it plays.

The game's director revealed earlier that fans will be getting a beta period. Battlefront 2 will also get one of the biggest levels ever made in a Star Wars game. Players will be able to complete missions in single player mode under "War Stories", highlighting smaller battles in history.

Net Neutrality Ends Tomorrow, FCC On Track To Remove Rules As Scheduled
It will head to the State Assembly, where hearings will begin in June and must be voted on by the end of August. That means no speeding up or slowing down connection speeds, and no blocking of specific websites.

Unravel 2 Announced and Available Now
It's actually coming out today, so grab a friend to play alongside you and get going today, on Xbox One , PlayStation 4, and PC. What are your thoughts on Unravel 2 and the new co-op gameplay? It can be played solo or via local drop-in/drop-out co-op.

Prey 'Mooncrash' DLC Announced, New Update Out Now
The update, which will be available for all players and is called Mooncrash , will appear the next time you open the game. It's rolling out a huge update tonight that includes three new modes - Story, New Game+, and Survival.

Javelins are also customizable and players will be able to purchase cosmetic microtransactions. Put on your Javelin suit, boost out into the wilderness, and you can team up with other players again.

Confirmed as on the way for both iOS and Android, the game will feature real-time one-on-one matches against other players. I won't have long to save though, Anthem releases February 22, 2019.

Unravel Two is the sequel to Unravel - the first indie game published under the EA Originals brand back in 2016. It will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

We were then introduced to an EA Originals supported studio called Jo-Mei and their attractive looking game called Sea of Solitude.

Preorders are rewarded with VIP demo access and a unique in-game Founders banner.