Skyrim for Alexa wasn't just a joke - it's out now

Skyrim Alexa

Bethesda has brought its wildly-successful RPG Elder Scrolls: Skyrim to basically every platform, from the PS3 to PS4 to PC to the Nintendo Switch. I'm not sure if this is a full-fledged game or just a really elaborate joke, but there is bound to be someone that will see this through to the end.

So naturally, everyone thought the Alexa version of Skyrim Bethesda demoed in its E3 press event was a self-aware joke. Unfortunately, I don't have an Echo to try it out but it likely works similar to what the video shows and, if nothing else, is an amusing way to spend your day waiting for news. The trailer it debuted featured Keegan-Michael Key as he navigated the frozen tundra that is Skyrim using voice commands, and at the time, everyone seemed to think it was a pretty good spoof announcement.

It's true: earlier this morning, the official E3 Twitter account announced that Echo owners can install the Skyrim: Very Special Edition skill through the Alexa app and take it for a spin themselves.

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Bethesda's Skyrim for Alexa isn't actually a joke. As it turns out, however, it wasn't a spoof, and Skyrim: Very Special Edition is an Alexa game that actually exists. The first were straight-up takes on what was then the new game of D&D.

After tapping the button say "Alexa, Play Skyrim" and the game begins. As soon as you say "Alexa Play Skyrim" she'll give you a few quick stats about your player level and then will launch into a brief story scenario, which offers you two or three ways in which you can respond.