Man 'armed with bomb' takes pregnant woman hostage in Paris

Police officers stand on a street near the site of an ongoing hostage taking

The man is "armed and holding at least two people", a source told AFP, adding that "the situation is quite confused" but did not appear to be terrorism-related.

Videos and images from the scene posted on social media show police officers outside a building in central Paris's Petites Ecuries street.

A spokesman for France's BRI intervention brigade said negotiations with the man were underway.

The area around the incident in the 10th arrondissement of Paris was ringed off by police. At this time, police do not now believe the situation is terror-related. Their captor apparently was armed with knives.

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The man was described as "determined and violent" by police, who surrounded the building where three hostages were being held on Tuesday. However, a motive for the demand was not established.

The hostage-taker also claimed he had an accomplice outside the building with a bomb, according to Lefebvre. Police swept vehicles in the area with a device but found nothing, he said.

Paris police have not revealed how many people were taken hostage.

The Evening Standard reports the attack doused the remaining two hostages in petrol.