Proposal to split California into 3 states goes to ballot

3 states update Measure To Split California Into 3 States Qualifies For November Ballot

The Secretary of State's office reports that enough valid signatures have been collected to put the measure on the ballot. There have been previous attempts to turn California into six smaller states and even separate from the U.S.

Northern California: This would include the Bay Area and the 31 remaining counties north of Sacramento.

Southern California will consist of a number of counties in the state's Central Valley, Inland Empire, and southern coastal regions, including Fresno, San Bernardino, Orange, and San Diego Counties.

Venture capitalist Tim Draper's initiative needed 365,880 validated signatures to qualify.

"The citizens of the whole state would be better served by three small state governments while preserving the historical boundaries of the various counties, cities, and towns", Draper said in his statement past year.

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After more than 150 years of failed partition proposals, California voters will finally go to the polls to decide whether they want to relinquish their monopoly of the Pacific coast and become three new states. If the Legislature fails to do so within 12 months of congressional approval to divide the state, the measure would divide California's debts among the three new states based on their populations.

The new California would have a per capita income of $53,000 and southern California around $45,000. "The reality is that for an overmatched, overstretched and overwrought state-government structure, it is too big to succeed". California, admitted to the Union on September 9, 1850, has faced more than 200 attempts at boundary reconfiguration, divisions and even secession over the course of its history, the report said.

Proponents of the proposal argue that Californians would be better off with smaller governments that can tailor their policies and actions.

The proposal would break the nation's largest state into three, KABC reported.

If passed by a majority of voters, it would kickstart a years-long legal battle between local and federal authorities and would eventually find its way to Congress.