Paul raccoon safely trapped on tower roof

Raccoon Scaling St. Paul Skyscraper Sets Off Social Media Firestorm

An adventurous female raccoon was making a name for herself as she scaled the 25-storey UBS Building in St. Paul, earning herself social media fame in the process.

"A law firm in the office tower - whose window ledge housed the raccoon for a number of hours Tuesday - says that building management told them the animal had been trapped", Nelson tweeted.

This story has been corrected to show the building is called UBS Plaza, not UBS Tower.

The windows of the building don't open, so animal rescuers were unable to help the raccoon.

This little guy had legions of social media users anxious for his safety after scaling the UBS Tower in St. Paul, Minn., but all is well.

"It's nearly like your cat or dog climbed up a skyscraper, it's kinda the same thing", one onlooker said.

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Minnesota Public Radio reporters and occupants of the building posted pictures and updates on the animal - dubbed the #MPRraccoon - as it scaled the rough surface of the skyscraper in true Spider-Man style.

Laurie Brickley, spokeswoman for the St. Paul Animal Control Department, told BuzzFeed News all the attention might have spooked the raccoon, causing it to stand pat and not move from its spot.

A Minnesota radio station branded the raccoon with the hashtag #mprraccoon. According to MPR, the little daredevil was able to reach the roof of the building by 2:45 a.m.

The MPRRaccoon also became the source of anxiety for Twitter users Tuesday, as people feared for his safety and wondered how in heck he would ever get down. Before long, a Twitter account for the climbing critter was created, and an Internet star was born.

The raccoon was first spotted on a ledge Tuesday morning, just a few floors high.